no country for old men.

so on monday night i saw ‘no country for old men’ for the first time. i know, a little late, so what? i thought it was the best movie that i had seen in quite a while. i couldn’t believe the way that my emotions were caught up with the different characters. wow.

anyways, to be honest, the ending kind of bothered me. i’ve only seen it once, so i’ll have to watch it again to let it sink in but i felt short changed by the ending. i really wanted the movie to resolve, but then again, life isn’t like that.

here are two different commentaries by guys on the movie and the ending specifically.



  1. Ian said:

    ‘Life isn’t like that.’


    I loved the ending, just for that reason.

  2. jt* said:

    i know but come on, you would have liked to see a little more, no? weren’t you the slightest bit erked by the ending?!

  3. Ian said:

    not really, man.

    an ambiguous ending was part of the point of the movie. crazy stuff happens in our world, and will continue to do so until … well, we know how it will end but not when, right?

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