sick day.

today i was sick. not so good, yet so good.

on the one hand i don’t like the feeling of being sick. today in particular was a very soar throat, loads of flem (sorry), cough etc.

on the other hand, i can’t explain how great it felt to sleep in until 11:00am and then spend the entire day just resting. i ate. played a bit of poker online. watched the 2nd half of the real madrid vs. roma champions league game. watched “bully husband” on dr. phil (the husband was a real douche by the way). i even did some work for a missions trip we’re planning for the youth this summer. on top of all of that, i got a chance to read. i finished off simply christian as the previous post alludes to, and i’ve just begun the great giveaway, by david fitch. i’m pretty pumped to read this book, here’s the thesis:

the thesis of this book is that evangelicalism has “given away” being the church in north america. simply put, evangelical churches have forfeited the practices that constitute being the church either (a) by portioning them off to various concerns exterior to the church or (b) by compromising them so badly that they are no longer recognizable as being functions of the church.

here is another excerpt, this time about ditching the values and practices of modernity:

but could one still be an evangelical and dump modernity? in other words, could i still minister wthin evangelical churches yet unload the scientific manipulations to defend the Bible, the overstated attempts to make Christianity intellectually attractive to the society at large, the obsession with decisions for Christ and megachurches, the vigorous rationalizations conducted in the name of individualist objectivity, that evangelicals seem so attached to? to me, evangelicals were spending a lot of effort making Christian faith intellectually defensible on modernist terms that were fading in their usefullness. even worse, these efforts smelled of an evangelical agenda, which of course in modernity is a bad thing. because, as any good modernist knows, we were supposed to be objective in the pursuit of truth. evangelicalism then came off as disingenuous. furthermore, evangelical salvation seemed cheap when it was made into a formula for modernist evangelism. and evangelical individualist morality seemed legalistic and impotent against the sensuality of the day. there was little connection to the cosmic work of Christ’s victory over evil, sin, and death as manifested in his chosen people. could i leave the modernist things behind yet remain an evangelical?

wow. this is going to be great.

to sum up my evening, i think i’ll finish off the introduction to fitch’s book and then settle down with some food and a tall-boy to watch the raptors take on orlando (moon over howard fo-sho!).



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