on actually living.


the other day i read an article about people in my generation that are purposely working less. rather than working all sorts of rediculous hours like their parents did, they are working less and, thereby, spending more time doing other things. walking their dogs. loving their wives. reading. enjoying music. essentially, living. the 40 hour work week has been replaced by a 30 hour work week (some of you ought to remind your bosses that this is so).

i like this.

the past year i worked under an interim pastor who prided (real word?) himself on the fact that he was a “workaholic”. wierd. why is this something to be proud of?

my goal is to purposely not be a workaholic. however, this proves somewhat difficult when your “work” is predominantly relational, i.e. pastoring. i happen to love my “job”. however, my job isn’t one that can be measured in the same way you would measure a blacksmith or a store clerk or a manger of some sort. in fact, if i sat behind a desk for 40 hours a week i could be, and rightfully so, accused of not doing my job. the reason for this is because my job is highly relational. in other words, i need to be “out there” with real-life people to be at all effective in what i do.

i love this.

however, at the same time, i’m trying to learn balance. i’m trying to learn to say ‘no’ sometimes. because, i have no desire to lead a busy life. i have no desire to constantly be doing something. and the reason for this is not because i am lazy. quite the opposite. the reason for this is because i want to live my life and enjoy it and that is a hard thing to do if you’re always preoccupied with actually doing something.

life is simple.

live simply.

mother teresa said something once, well she said loads of things actually. but one thing that she said stands out to me as particularily brilliant.

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

do small things, and do them with great love.



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