we’re all a bunch of liars (and a couple other links).

except me. i’ve never lied.


ian writes about his experience as a salvationist. it’s quite liberating and resonates with me as i have common sentiments regarding my growing up in the pentecostal assemblies of canada.


the raptors are on a 3 game win streak which is nice. hopefully they can make it 4 tonight in detroit. i’ve been pleasantly surprised in these last few games with the raptors ability to close out games (mind you in some cases they blow a 20 point lead in the 2nd half and make games much tougher for themselves). the portland game on sunday was a great example. 2 OT and they were still able to hang out by making good shots and playing D. one thing about the raptors that has always cheesed me right off (along with their inability to close-out games) is their complacency to just settle for jump shots. when you have guys like bosh, calderon, moon, graham, delfino and parker you have no reason NOT to take it to the whole. however, they have been doing somewhat of a better job with this lately.



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