that’s the swahili word for ‘children’. it’s also the name of a ministry in uganda that cares for parentless kids. kids whos parents have been killed by AIDS/war. read more about what watoto does HERE.

they have a choir that travels around singing and raising awareness. tomorrow evening the ‘concert of hope’ comes to ACC. the kids hang out and have dinner with us and then the concert takes place in the evening. the children spend the night at different ‘host’ homes within the congregation.

now here is the sweet part. on wednesday morning all 18 of the kids are coming to the church at 9am until their bus picks them up at 11am. this means i have 2 hours in the morning to hang out with all of these amazing kids! i think i’m going to try to find a couple of nintendo wii’s to hook up and play sports with the kids!

SO, if you have a nintendo wii and would like to donate it to us for a couple of hours on wednesday morning so i can play with a group rad kids from uganda then please PLEASE let me know! we’ll take great care of your wii i promise!



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