recent goings-on.

today i went to a luncheon at our lady of grace parish here in aurora. it was really neat. i got to have a delicious lunch (and i mean delicious! we have a some kind of beef loin that was stuffed with goodness, with these great potatoes, brocolli, gravy and this dessert that looked way too good to even eat!) with a number of local pastors from a variety of theological backgrounds. there was myself from the pentecostal church, 2 pastors from the host catholic church, and 1 pastor each from the anglican, baptist and united churches. it was really neat to gather together with nothing on our agenda but to get to know one another better and chat. i’m glad i went because i found out about a number of things that are happening in the community for poor. i’m really hoping that we can get involved in that.

that kind of leads me into a bit of a sidenote. in my experience, one of the weaknesses with the PAOC is the hesitancy of the pastors to get involved with other churches and things that are already going on in the community. in my experience, PAOC pastors seem to think that they are theologically superior to pastors from other denominations. in addtion, rather than getting involved in a soup kitchen that is being run by the united and anglican church, a PAOC pastor would tend to want to start up their own soup kitchen.

again, i realize that i am generalizing here but this just seems to be much of what i’ve experienced in the PAOC.

my thinking is that the PAOC are not the only truthbearers in the community. rather, where there is Jesus, there is Truth (captial ‘T’), because Jesus IS Truth (Truth as person rather than right understanding of concepts). and it would seem to me, that if there are hungry people being fed, then Jesus is probably present, so why not get involved in that? light is light. right?


last night i went to see the raptors take on the suns with jon gordon. first of all, any evening with jon gordon is a treat because his sense of humor and honesty really turns my crank. secondly, it was the highest scoring game i’ve ever attended with a final score of 136-123 in favour of the visitors. the raptors certainly didn’t have any problem scoring (despite the fact that they were without both bosh and bargnani). however, their defense (or lack thereof) was horrendous. jon and myself were repulsed at the number of open shots the raps gave the suns. it bordered on rediculous. barbosa must have had at least 5 wide open 3’s for the suns (all of which he made). all in all, a fun night.


this past summer we at momentum did a week long mission trip to toronto where we served alongside urbanpromise toronto. yesterday i met with matt janes from STM network to chat about more STM (short-term missions) trips we could do in the summer of 2008 and again in 2009. so lots of exciting stuff there.


the jetta is giving christina and i trouble. not good. but we’re thankful we have a car.


christina and i leave for HERE in like a week (dec. 16). it will be amazing to get away for a week and relax. we’re obviously both PSYCHED for this trip!


i feel like i’m learning more about God as time goes on. yet i still feel like i’m no where near ACTUALLY knowing him. but i feel like i’m home. i feel like for a long time i was away, lost, and now he’s led me home. what a nice feeling.

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