snow day!


today is a snow day. i tried to drive christina to her placement this morning and gave-up because the car could barely make it up the street. then the pastor called me to say that no one was going to make it in to the office today. then came the WHOOP!

snow days are great.

even greater when you’re a kid. i looked out in the backyard today and saw the jones’ kids playing in the snow, so i asked them what they were doing.

“playing in the snow,” they said.

of course. what else do you do on a snow day?

anyways, today i shaved which i hadn’t done in almost two weeks.

then i read some of tom wright’s ‘simply christian.’ every time i read some of this book i get really excited. it’s kind of weird really. chapter six is all about israel.

“it is fundamental to the christian worldview in its truest form that what happened in Jesus of Nazareth was the very climax of the long story of Israel. trying to understand Jesus without understanding what that story was, how it worked, and what it meant is like trying to understand why someone is hitting a ball with a stick without knowing what baseball, or indeed cricket, is all about,” (wright, 71).

and so, with that, i’ve decided to read through the old testament. not as if i’m reading a history textbook (for that would be rather boring), but as if i’m reading a story (an exciting one at that, like ‘james and the giant peach’, or like ‘matilda’), a true one at that, and one that reveals God.

i’ll let you know how it goes, or rather, how far i make it.



  1. mikemack said:

    Matilda is a classic. I got the movie if you want to borrow it. keep up the good work broski.

  2. hey Jon,
    I was just wondering if you have ever heard the song: Snow Ball Fight by Bunch of Believers. I thing you would appreciate it. By the way, I added a link to your blog on my site.

  3. jt* said:

    mike: matilda is a sweet movie but no real comparison to the book! i loved how the book just sucked you into the story, YEAH!

    naomi: you have a really pretty name! also, no i have never heard that song, likewise, i’ve never even heard of the band! but i’ll have to check it out. whelp, i’m gunna browse you’re blog now, so it better be good! HA, kidding!

    ps – i saw your hubby the other sunday and it was fantastic!

  4. matcoker said:

    Hey! I could use a snow day right now. I love reading NT Wright’s stuff. I love how he makes sense of the whole Bible. He can hardly say anything without drawing from it as a whole (which makes sense when you think about it). Enjoy!

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