but what does it all mean basil?

so i came across this website, quite by accident. what you do, is input your blog URL and it spits out the level of education needed to understand your blog. the following is what i saw when i entered my blog:

cash advance

apparently anyone who can eat their own food can understand my blog. i’m pretty sure ‘elementary school’ is the lowest level, unless there’s a ‘comatose’ category that i’m unaware of.

i don’t know what the criteria are for upping your level, but from now on i will periodically throw in big, complicated, words in the hopes that i will climb the ranks to ‘genius’.


i wonder if Jesus had a blog, what his level would be. he talked about kids a lot, so maybe he’d have an ‘elementary school’ blog too. but then again, he told stories that no one really understood, so maybe he’d have a ‘genius’ blog.

dang it.




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