the last couple of days.

this past thursday evening i got a chance to see the weakerthans live for the first time. my friend jevan called me up about 2 months ago saying that he had an extra ticket, so, i got to take in the catchy, melodic sounds of one of canada’s finest bands with jevan and the man know as kyle vance (of vance refrigeration).

friday to sunday was our youth retreat up at camp medeba. we teamed up with dave and the hillside bible chapel youth for this one. our theme for the weekend was one (one way, people, life, voice). as well, joel and carrie, will and sarah, and alex came up to join with us in music! all in all it was a great weekend. one of my favourite things was seeing everyone bond together and establish new friendships. such an awesome time together.

last night (sunday) extreme makeover home edition built a brand new house for a family of 6 in camden, new jersey. the family consisted of a single father and 5 young men between the ages of 14-19. what was significant about this program for me was that urban promise was involved in it. back in may 2003 i visited urban promise camden for a week and served in the very area where the program was filmed. in fact, urban promise donated some office space for the extreme makeover crew to renovate for the fathers support group he started (single fathers of camden), and the office space which they donated happened to be the exact room which i slept in with a couple of other guys back in 2003. it was pretty cool to see extreme makeover doing that in camden!

this morning i was able to sleep in and get some much needed rest after a great but draining weekend and Christina did the same so we were able to spend some time together which was great!

whelp, i’m putting together a video from the weekend so i’ll put it up when it’s finished.



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