yesterday was our 1 monthiversary (Christina and i that is). we have been married for a month now and before you ask let me just say, married life is great.


happy birthday america!!!


is anyone really surprised by this?


the raptors are getting slept on huge this season. is anyone really surprised by that?


i watched a show called ‘mantracker’ tonight and that was cool. i also ate chicken and scalloped potato’s for dinner and i don’t feel well.


i’ve been thinking a lot about church lately. and i think that the Bride that i’m mostly familiar with is very selfish and probably obese. the Church is so dang overweight from consuming too much (programs, politics etc) but i guess this is what happens when a church becomes focused on building itself up. does it really matter how many rear-ends are in the pews if the church isn’t actually serving? does the church exist solely to pleasure herself or is she here, in the community, to actually SERVE the community. maybe the church should quit looking in the mirror and give herself away.



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