new site.

hi all.

september will be a busy month. and that’s a guarantee. youth kicks into high gear again this sunday and i’m getting married in 3 weeks (september 28th, come if you’re in the area)!

anyways, i had a realization today. it’s sort of two-fold actually. first fold: God is alive and well and is redeeming the world to Himself like He has been doing since that day in the garden. this is manafest everyday in every city in the world. what i am saying is that God is in action and if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, then we can see and hear God in realtime.

now, if you’re reading this and you don’t consider yourself to be a follower of Christ, then that’s ok. you don’t necessarily have to believe that God is real to see Him at work. the only catch is, when you do see Him at work, you run the risk of thinking that this is just ‘humanities goodness’ or something of that sort, and therefore, miss giving God the credit.

whether you realize you see God at work or not, is not my concern here (with what i’m about to tell you). my concern is that God is at work and we do see this.

the second fold: the fact that God is alive and well and is redeeming the world to Himself is rarely covered (in the news for example). i read the news frequently and am bombarded with sensationalism and news of terrible things. this of course, i think, is to keep people watching and, thereby, keep the advertisers dollars in the pockets of news agencies.  but what about the good news?

i’m in the midst of putting together a new site that will cover the good news. news of redemption, love, justice, faith, hope and change. you know, those things that happen everyday that we think are just “exceptions”.

SO, this is where you and your friends come in. this is an open column blog. meaning: anyone can contribute. if you have a story (that you witnessed, or saw in the news etc) that tells of these sorts of things then email it to me @ and we’ll share them with whomever reads.

blessings friends.

look for God. see Him, hear Him.


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