48 hour days, please.

i need more time.

there is just so much happening lately that it feels like i’m always on the go. i need time to just stop.

i’m predicting that september 2007 will be the most insane month of my life, ever, to date. for many reasons, of which, here are a few:

– i get married in a month. september 28th. that means that september will be crazy hectic for obvious reasons like trying to tie up all of the loose ends that come with a wedding (i’m of the conviction that i don’t want to leave all of that to my great fiancee!).

– youth kicks-off on september 9th. the first sunday evening of the “year”. we’re starting off doing a series called “fabric” where we’ll be looking at what makes up the “fabric” of someone that is situated in the Way. i.e. what does Jesus care about? do i care about these things? this year i don’t want to be putting the finishing touches on messages the day OF.

– church. this was a hard year for me in many aspects but God is good and i’m striving to abide in him and stay balanced, not taking on more than i think is good. Lord help me. i’m also trying to resist the pressure to have a vision/mission. i hate that language so much. my vision is to be visionless (i learned this in a couple of discussions with nakedpastor). i refuse to create a vision for a future moment that will probably never arrive and always strive towards that future moment. rather, i’m deciding to be present NOW with people and to let tomorrow worry about itself.

– money. my soon-to-be-wife is going back to school which means we’ll both be living on a youth pastors salary (read: not a whole lot). but i’m really actually glad for this because it will force us to live within our means (and hopefully even BELOW our means). and if we manage to practice what we preach and live below our means then maybe we’ll even have extra stuff left over to help meet the needs of others.

thats enough of that. anyways, i’ll be glad when september is over, i think

also, lately i’ve been thinking about leadership and how the church needs to quit being such a flippin carbon copy of corporate america. why are we taking leadership strategies from the business world and trying to implement them in the church? Lord help us. how about looking at what Jesus said about “leadership”. like, for example, how he turned our ideas of power, influence and success (as well as individualism) on their heads. most Christians need to just shut-up and serve. that’s it. just serve, and don’t say anything about it either. me included.  (check out THIS post on “leadership”).

i don’t know what else to say here…



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