on the past few weeks.

hello. i’m back. 2.5 weeks in ireland has come to an end and it’s back to newmarket, ontario for this one. i realize that i haven’t really writen a decent post in a while, and this won’t be that decent post. however, here’s a little update on the past few weeks:

– my friend dave and i randomly decided to travel down to NYC a few weeks ago. i say random because we decided on thursday morning that we were going to go and we left on thursday afternoon. it was awesome. we hung out in manhatten all day on friday. the highlight of manhatten was sneaking into ‘the peninsula’, a 5th avenue hotel overlooking central park, and going up to their rooftop patio to sunbath and relax for a couple of hours. however, the real highlight of the trip, and the reason for the trip, was game 6 of the nets/raptors series. as you all know, the raptors lost by 1 point in the dying seconds but it was awesome. we got our upperbowl crappy seats upgraded for free because dave had a broken femur. there was also a fight a few rows infront of us between and toronto fan and a jersey fan. cool.

rooftop patio on 5th ave.

– i’ve been struggling lately to be in the word and therefore, have been having a hard time walking in the Spirit. dangit.

– ireland was awesome. it was my uncles wedding in dublin (which was TIGHT!) and my grandparents 66th wedding anniversary in belfast. i just had such a great time. all my family was there even the ones from south africa, new zealand and canada! on the day we celebrated my grandparents anniversary we also celebrated two upcoming weddings: my cousin hollie’s, and my own. it was really special. i’ll post pics of the trip at another time.

some fam in ireland. myself, mom, clara, jessica, justin, christina, aisling, caoimhe.

– i love Christina.

the woman i love.

– i love Jesus and am hurt by my lack of intimacy with him as of late. Lord change me.- finished reading ‘sex god’ (bell) and have begun ‘simply christian’ (wright)

– i’m also excited for the summer. YEE!


  1. zon4 said:

    Hij is gek

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