holy crap.

i’m watching the lakers and suns game and while flicking through the chanels on commercial i came across this infomercial. i’ve seen it a bunch of times and it kills me everytime. here are some highlights:

“as thick as my wrist and as long as her arm!”

“44 lbs of undigested fecal matter”

conversation with gary.

and of course, the remix.

  1. Kyle Pitman said:


    Read the above. Guess the technical aspect of coaching is proving to be pretty relevant in this RAPS-NETS series.

    By the way, the best coach in the history of the raptors is Butch Carter.

    Join me in Prayer tomorrow night… we can still pull this off, if we actually make an adjustment or two.

    GO RAPS.

  2. jt* said:

    ya this series has been quite brutal! i was at game 2 when they won and i’ll be at the game tomorrow night, so hopefully i carry some of those winning ways with me! i’ll be interceding at the game.

    good article btw. ouch!

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