a kid in a candy store.

man, i’m so excited, and it’s over something that may seem so trivial. but still, playoff basketball is back in toronto so what’s not to be excited about. today (in about an hour from now) the raptors will tip off against the nets in game 1 of the opening round of the playoffs. every sports analyst has already said this, and any basketball fan knows this already, but this will be one crazy series. carter didn’t exactly depart from the raptors on good terms and every time he returns to the ACC he is assaulted with ‘boo’s’! the equation would look something like this: (the toronto fans animosity towards vince)+(the intensity of playoff basketball)=absolute insanity at ACC.

i think that the toronto raptors will take this series, probably in 5 games. here’s why: size, speed, and team work.

size. the raptors are just bigger. bosh, bargnani (he’s back!), nesterovich. who do the nets have again? collins??? the raptors have the superior big men and if they are used correctly then we will dominate the paint. speed. the raptors are faster. now i know that VC, kidd and jefferson aren’t slow pokes in and of themselves, but the raptors as a team play at a higher pace. this should not only provide some good transition action but also run down the nets on defence. on this note, it will be interesting to see how TJ matches up with kidd. team work. when the raptors work together they are virtually unstoppable. they key is getting them not to give up on each other for the entire game.

the x-factor: anthony parker. this dude came out of no where and has been lighting it up for the second half of the season. if he can maintain this throughout the post-season then look out!

anyways, i just love playoff basketball and can’t wait for the game to start. plus, i’m goin to game 2 on tuesday! YEE!


on a side note, my mom is throwing Christina and i an engagement party tonight and that should be fun.


on another side note. one of my good friends and groomsmen is in prison. he’s got a bail hearing on tuesday (was denied bail the first time and has been behind bars for 5 weeks now) so pray that the judge would look upon him with favour and grant him bail until his trial in the near future.




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