up and down

i’m starting a new series here called ‘up and down’ and it’s where i personally give up’s and down’s for various things that are worthy of an up or a down (up being good, down being not so good). get it? here’s the inaugural post…

up to darren glendenning who pointed this funny tidbit of nonsense out to me. go to google maps and click on ‘get directions’. enter the following information, from: new york, new york, to: paris, france. scroll down and read line 23 (or just check out the picture below).

up to jevan for this hilarious post.

up to ticketmaster for releasing raptors playoff tickets in blocks. i thought they were sold out. until tonight! i got a ticket for game 2. it’s first row in the balcony…hellatight!

down (a BIG down) to ticketmaster for verification codes. holy crap i hate those things. i swear they have those verification codes just to piss people off. you have to be a genious to read half of those things. it’s like they TRY to stump you. what the crap? i can’t read that. superman can’t read that. who made this? GEEZ. my macbook almost flew across the room as a result.

down to my macbook. i’ve had my macbook for about 11 months now (may 2006) and i’ve never had any mishaps. this past week i dropped it twice. dang it.

up to my ogio laptop case for saving my macbook from sure death when it hit the pavement outside of Christina’s parents house.

down to the washington wizards for not being able to stay in 6th place and give toronto an easy pass to the second round. slackers.

up to an exciting first round when toronto faces new jersey. this means vince will be in the house. yesssss!

down to bonehead reporters. i heard an american reporter refer to the young man who shot all those people at VT as “a creepy loner kid.” wait to go buffalo news 3rd string reporter. it’s words like that that make people want to shoot other people.

up to this new series. 



  1. Biggie said:

    Big ups to brooklyn..

  2. jt* said:

    biggie…reveal yourself.

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