this comedy man makey me laugh.

demetri martin is a very funny man. i’ve been listening to a live CD of his that a friend of mine gave to me a couple of weeks back and i think i laugh harder every time. in case you don’t know, demetri used to write for conan but now (i’m pretty sure) he does mostly stand-up. here are some of my favourite lines:

“dreamcatchers work. if your dream is to be gay.”

“swimming is a confusing sport. because sometimes you do it for fun, and other times you do it to not die. when i’m swimming i don’t know which one it is, you know. i gotta go by the outfit. pants: uh oh.”

“you always hear about the guy who was raised by wolves. but you never hear about the next generation, the guy who raised by the guy who was raised by wolves. that would be confusing, because then you have a non-wolf imparting wolf teachings. ‘dad, quit sniffing my ass, i’m gunna miss the bus.'”

“i like digital camera’s because they allow you to reminisce immediately.”

more to come…


on another note, the raptors are playing the detroit pistons tonight, which could very well be a preview of the eastern conference finals if the raptors stay in 3rd place. if toronto stays in 3rd and washington stays in 6th then the two teams will meet in the first round of playoffs, which is sweet since gilbert arenas is out! also, this would mean that the raps wouldn’t meet detroit until the eastern finals. nevertheless, it should be a good game tonight and it will be interesting to see how it turns out, especially if bargnani plays.




the raptors WON tonight against detroit. did i mention that detroit is the top team in the east and favourite to win the eastern conference? unfortunately i didn’t get to see the game because i’m sitting in a tim hortons at york university waiting for christina to get out of her exam. but, as i read, i “watched” the entire games progress on the live boxscore feature on however, i was still on the edge of my seat. the raptors are having an incredible season, so you may as well jump on the bandwagon now, before the post-season. at half the raps were down by 13 points. going into the 4th quarter they were down by 11 (we all know what this would have meant in previous seasons where the raps were infamous for blowing 4th quarters). nevertheless, they pulled together and outscored detroit 29-15 in the final quarter to win by 3. final score, 87-84. WOW. mark my words, the toronto raptors are legitimate contenders for the eastern conference crown (and for the first time in the clubs history at that). YEE!


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