now that’s an understatement


Jevan: “dude, want to work from 7:30-10:00am and make $100?”

Me: *$100 for 2.5 hrs?* “heck yes.”

Jevan: “sweet, see ya on monday morning.”


so i had to be at spring free trampoline (endorsed by karen cockburn, bronze and silver medalist…no gold? what’s up with that?!) for 7:30am this morning to unload a shipping container full of trampolines. ones without springs, hence, spring free. i woke up late. say, 6:40am, so i didn’t have time to eat breakfast. i did, however, have time to grab a coffee. i got to the warehouse at7:45am, only to find out that the truck hadn’t arrived yet. jevan and i chatted for about an hour or so and the truck still hadn’t shown. so we decided to play ringette, with fiberglass rods and a roll of masking tape. i dominated, clearly, 10-5. i am the fiberglass rod ringette champion of spring free trampolines.

the truck still wasn’t here, so since i was hungry we decided to walk next door and get a breakfast sandwich from subway. i reached for the door and pulled, dang it, locked. ‘when the crap does this place open?’ i thought. the sign on the door said that they opened at 9:00am. according to jevans watch, it was precisely 9:03am. ‘ok,’ i thought, ‘maybe she’s about to open the store.’ nope. 9:10am, and still, she’s wandering around inside the store while we wait outside, hungry. so i bang on the window and motion her to come to the door. she shakes her head. whatttttt?!!!! so i said, “it’s after 9am, your store opens at 9!” she just shaked her head again, but this time, she stuck up 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. 10? “what do you mean you open at 10am? your sign says 9am!!” nope. just another shake of the head. i wasn’t happy. but i was hungry. so we just went to starbucks.

upon returning to the warehouse the truck still wasn’t there. finally, at 10am the truck arrived, unfortunately, the driver was retarded (not literally of course, this just means he couldn’t drive). it took him about 1/2 hr to back the truck up. seriously. finally, we begin to unload.

now i must tell you, this shipping container was huge and contained 150 trampolines. however, each trampoline came in 3 seperate boxes, each of which weighed 100 lbs for a total net wait of 45,000 lbs. ouch. we started off lifting like the strapping young men we are, but by about halfway through the container i was wishing i was jean grey (obviously, because then i could simply move the trampolines with my mind), or at least he-man. needless to say, by the end of the container, and approximately 22,500 lbs later (jevan did the other half) i was pooped. and soar.

in the end here’s how it broke down: 2.5 hours of waiting; 4.5 hours of lifting; 7 total hours; 45,000 lbs of trampoline; $150.

i think this is an appropriate time to remind you of what jevan originally promised me…

Jevan: “dude, want to work from 7:30-10:00am and make $100?”

ya right.



  1. Jevante said:

    on that topic, I’ve got some trampolines to unload next week. You game?

  2. Kyle said:


    in response to your post on my sports blog.

    If you think the technical aspect of coaching “is not relevant” to the judgement of the performance of a coach, then you are gravely mistaken. It is a very prevalent aspect of coaching, along with managing your bench, and motivating your players. Mitchell has done the latter 2 better than I could have imagined or hoped. However, your statement that Mitchell can’t be judged on his technical performance is completely and utterly false. I can list a number of coaches whom have been canned right after leading their teams to the playoffs, if not deep into the playoffs, because their technical ineptitude cost their team a series. I’m not going to do the list on your comment page though, because i plan on posting it on my blog.

    Secondly, my post was written on the heels of a blowout raptors win. It was also in during a streak in which the raptors won several games. Maybe check the date in which I wrote the post next time.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate the discussion.

  3. jt* said:

    i’m not convinced that sam isn’t a good technical coach. but my point is simply this, he is the best coach that the raps have seen in their short history thus far and i think the seasons backs that up nicely. now as for the post-season, lets just hope that the raps stay in 3rd place so they can meet washington in the 1st round and not meet up with detroit until the eastern finals. a couple of the guys over on espn have said that the raps have about as good a chance as any eastern team to reach the finals. with bargnani returning soon, i’d say i agree, and much of this can be credited to mitchell’s coaching.


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