it’s Saturday night…

…so i’ll make a brief post.

last evening the raptors took on the wizards in an important game that could determine eastern conference standings. it looked like the game was over. the wizards were up by 2. there was only 3.8 seconds left. and gilbert was on the freethrow line. he hit his shot and the raptors were down by 3 points. with 3.8 seconds left in the game. it should have been over, but then this happened…

this was quite possibly one of the best endings i’ve seen in raptors basketball. by the way, that shot was mo pete’s *only* shot of the entire game. wow.

i enjoy the crowds reaction when mo hits the shot!


momentum.youth is hosting a fundraising event for beth and chris ricci, appropriately named, ricci bowl!


there are a couple of things that we can do to be better stewards of Creation. these are small things, but who knows, if enough people do it then it could be effective.

1) turn off your lights. this isn’t hard. it’s very simple. don’t leave lights on in your house unless it’s necessary. if you are in the living room, don’t leave lights on in the kitchen.

2) use cold water. next time you do your laundry, try using cold water instead of hot water. cold water takes no energy to heat, because as expected, it’s cold. heck, you’ll even see the difference on your bill.

3) neutralize. next time you’re sitting at a stop light throw your car in neutral. being in neutral is beneficial for your car, and the environment because it emits suprisingly fewer fumes.

4) drive-thru no more. i don’t use drive-thrus anymore. if we eliminate our drive-thru usage then we cut back on useless idling. also, it will force us to slow down, if only for 5 minutes. honestly, if you can’t get out of your car to get a freakin coffee then something in your life needs to go! plus, you don’t get to meet anyone and chat in a drive-thru. if you get out and go into the store then you have opportunities to actually talk to other people.

5) limit your computer usage. i mean, our generation spends far too much time infront of a screen anyway. think of how different everything would be if we spent as much time listening to God as we did on our computers.


make some time during your day and read through hebrews in one sitting. wow. i’ve been meditating on Jesus as our High Priest a lot today and it really blows my finite mind.

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  1. Jevante said:

    man, that was intense.

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