yesterday i went downtown with Christina and her sister Lisa. we took tonnes of pics (all of which you can see on my facebook). anyways, at the end of the day we went to richtree to eat. while there i saw three toronto raptors! joey graham, the newly aquired juan dixon, and pape sow. it was cool because i got to chat with them for a while (and by a while, i mean like 10 seconds). below is a pic of joey (white hat) that Christina snapped while in spy-mode!


today was also quite eventful. i worked a long day at the shop and tore apart an engine and hung out with a new guy called dare (dar-EE). then when i got home i was standing in the kitchen and i noticed smoke coming up from our shed area in the back. fire! i ran outside and there was an electrical fire in my shed! it was intense. somehow the water must have caused a shortage because an extension cable (that was plugged in) caught fire and was burning. since it was plugged in there were sparks going everywhere and it smelt of burnt rubber. i didn’t know what to do so i threw snowballs at the wire until it went out. it worked.


  1. jasonlocke said:

    Cool. I would’ve called a fire truck just because I like sirens – – but I probably would have regretted it later…

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