the raptors just beat the supersonics in a nailbiter! 120-119, although it should have been 120-116 if it weren’t for that last second 3 from wilkins. it was a good game to watch, i know this because i yelled at the tv on numerous occasions. however, it should have never gone to overtime in the first place. toronto should have put the game away, but because of some typical raptor mistakes, they came close to a loss (oh how i despise losses that should have been wins!). here are some things that the raptors have a tendancy to do that really tick me off as a fan:

1. shoot the 3. please tell me why there is a need to shoot a 3 ball when you are winning and there is lots of time left on the clock? it gets on my nerves when the raps start to settle for 3’s when they don’t need to. don’t come running down the floor and jack up a 3 when you are up by 4 and there is still 16 left on the clock. look for the easy two.
2. give bosh the friggin ball! in relation to my last note on getting the easy two, get it to bosh. i saw a number of jacked 3’s today while bosh stood there just feet from the basket wide open. bosh is your star. he gets the job done when he needs to. when it gets to crunch time, get him some touches, please!
3. rebound. wow. this is why the game today went into OT, because they didn’t get on those boards. when that shot goes up, don’t flippin watch it to see if it will go in. find your man and put a body on him!
4. tj ford. tj gets a lot of love from chuck and many people in toronto, but i’m not quite there yet. the dude makes me nervous. he comes flying down the court like a rabbit hopped up on speed, close to out of control, and makes some ridiculous moves. granted, he hits some big shots. but down the stretch, i’d feel much more comfortable with the ball in the hands of bosh.

it’s not all frustration though. there are tonnes of things i like about the raps:

1. jose calderon. i love this guy!!! i think he is a much better point guard than tj and in a couple years calderon will be insane. the guy just has such a head for basketball.
2. bargnani. wow.
3. team. the raps actually look like a team this year, unlike years past!!
4. victory! we are winning!
5. hardwork. this raptors team, i think, is probably the hardest working raptors team in franchise history. bargnani, the “rookie”, is taking charges like a pro. people are diving for balls. they are actually working.
6. mo pete. this dude has been with toronto forever and he knows his role, even if it means playing 8 minutes like he did today.

i’m pumped, and all i can say is, when those playoff tickets come on sale i’ll be getting mine.


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