my world pt.2


first of all, i’m really glad that i don’t have to jump on the raptors bandwagon. i’ve been on that thing for the past 7 years and wow, even though the last 3 years were hurting, this year is shaping up nicely! i’ve been out to a couple of great games this year and i just can’t believe me eyes. their 4th quarters in the previous 2 season were absolutely horrendous! this season, however, they are able to close the deal. wow! by the way, one thing that frustrates me is the lack of coverage on cable tv. if you want to see most of the raps games this season it seems like you have to be a raps tv member. whats up with that?


i bought the new bloc party album today, ‘a weekend in the city.’ wow. it’s really good. better than i expected for sure.


i’m trying to figure out how to install theGimp on my computer but frig, why can’t they make these things easy? open source softwear is quite confusing.


there’s no other way to put this, so i’ll just say it. i’m very materialistic, and i hate it. the lust of the eyes is ridiculous. why do we always crave what we don’t have/need? was looking at all my crap today, and i have too much of it. i think i have like 20 pairs of shoes, 17 of which are dope. but seriously, whats the deal with sneaker fetishes and what does it take to break it? i’m getting sick and tired of just spending money and buying crap. things that in seconds, will turn to dust. i’m getting married at the end of september this year so this is all starting to take on a new look for me. i need to save money. on top of getting married, and thereby having a spouse, we’re looking at buying a house. the thing is, i don’t believe i need to save up all of the money i can so these things can happen, because i truly believe the Lord will provide my needs. however, what if i spend my money on myself? on stupid, fading things? like, what if i just keep storing up my treasure here on earth? i get the feeling that i’m robbing myself of real joy. i need the Lord to change this part of me. i need to submit this to Him. i long to be a minimalist. long to love God more than myself. forgive me Father, for being so slow to learn and even slower to trust You. change me.




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