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poop. ok so my last post didn’t work because the videos decided not to cooperate. how do you post html videos from youtube, for example, in your blog? help? anyways, just picture big, nasty rats in a KFC.

anyhoo, you know what can be difficult? when you see something in yourself that you don’t like. maybe it’s even something that you hate. that can be a hard thing to change. let’s put it this way, slowly, i’m starting to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me. and yes, incase you’re wondering, this can be a difficult thing to face. i suppose i just always figured that the only things that matter in this world are the things that happen that directly impact me and my life. now you may think that this is obvious, but i’m sure that you, knowingly or not, feel the same or at least did. but wow, i mean that’s just not the case. this world is full of people, people that are living lives other than mine. the problem, at least as far as i can see, is that our primary concern lies with ourselves. this is evident even in the small things. for example, the other day as i was driving down the 404 i left some space between myself and the car in front of me (you know, that little buffer zone), just so i could drive comfortably without being too close. then it happened. this stinkin jerk moved into my space. what was he thinking? that’s my buffer zone! was he under the impression that i was just saving him a space in my lane? eff! this is precisely what i mean when i say we are focussed on ourselves even in the little things. the above example was showing our sense of entitlement (of sorts). more on this later.



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  1. Ian said:

    turtle, if you go to the FAQ section in WordPress, it’ll explain how to post a youtube video on your blog. I can’t remember off the top, but something like . Hope that helps.

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