what matters?

I found these really cool shoes I feel I should buy. They are the Nike Air Max 90 QK Steve Nash MVP.

Now most of yall prolly don’t see the big deal here. I shall proceed with the following: very limited edition; released only in Canada; sold out. All of this simply means that you can’t get them. But I may have found a pair my size, I’ll keep you posted.


The Raptors are killin’ it man. 2 games above .500 and a 3.5 game lead over the Nets for first in the Atlantic Division. Toronto hasn’t played this hot in years!


My grandfather had a massive heart attack today at the age of 88. He is on life support at the hospital, basically brain dead. My parents left tonight to go back to Ireland. Pay no attention to what I said about shoes and basketball in this post, they don’t really matter.

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  1. Mike said:

    yo son,
    I’ll give you a pair of the Nike Air Uptempo Mike Mackneer MVP’s if you want. Little worn in but still a collectors item. I’ll be praying for your Grandfather.

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